Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Night Update: Surprise Snowstorm Tonight

Well, just in time for February we got more winter weather on tap tonight. A frontal boundary that was originally supposed to stay offshore has trended west. That means snow! Here is what to expect tonight:

  • Rain enters the area late tonight
  • Cold air quickly crashes in from west to east
    • Western counties of NJ changeover to snow first, then areas closer to the coast by around day break.
  • The storm will have to overcome the warm air at the surface which will take some time
    • However, I expect it will start snowing hard enough for ALL areas to see accumulations from this on grassy surfaces.
  • Elevations over 600ft will see roads become snow covered quickly
  • Areas at lower elevations will see some road impacts but treated surfaces should make out ok
  • Snow ends by late morning
  • The jackpot is southern New England as seen by the purple. 
  • In the wake of this, I am tracking a potential major system for Tuesday. 
    • More details in my video below

Here is my map for tonight into tomorrow AM (mainly grassy surfaces):

The video below briefly discusses this along with my thoughts on the main storm I have been focusing on for next week. Enjoy!

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