Winter Storm Outlook


Threat Level: Low
Period: Jan 27th-28th
updated 1/21

Purpose Of This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share with friends and people of the community not so much day to day forecasts, but my take of major winter weather situations as they evolve particularly on the East Coast. Although I am not a meteorologist by trade, I have become a self educated forecaster over the last ten years learning to use the same exact modeling and tools that every meteorologist on TV, radio, etc. utilize. I became inspired to develop this blog for two reasons:

1. To share my interest in this field with others

2.  More importantly to utilize all of the resources I have to increase awareness and understanding of how and when major winter events can/will evolve

By nature public sector meteorologist such as those at the National Weather Service are very conservative and in most cases do not go out on a limb and create a forecast a few days out and stick to it. Sometimes they will discuss the "potential" for such events but those opinions are embedded within advanced forecast discussions that the average person does not read. Instead they adjust their forecasts with every run of the modeling and in many cases are not fully on top of a winter weather situation until 24-48 hours before the event. I call this nowcasting. Because of this, it is my goal to discuss the evolution of potential major weather events days before they become a certainty and give my reasoning as to how and why I believe they will unfold. My opinions will be formed based on my interpreting of the day to day weather modeling, large scale climate patterns, and input from a few select private sector meteorologists I have followed over the years whose understanding and knowledge trump that of the average forecaster. I will be the first to admit not all my predictions will  always come to fruition, but if I am able to make people aware of a potential event days ahead of the local weather service a majority of the time, this blog will be a success.It also will teach people the basic climatology of how major winter storms form.

This blog will be active year round.



  1. yay! Finally a good source for getting up to date accounts of the weather! Thanks Will!!

  2. thanks for your work...found you by referral and well worth it!

  3. Thank you so much for your work. I only discovered you recently. Sorry, but what color represents central NJ (near Princeton)? Medium blue?
    Thx much

  4. Love learning about weather and appreciate the way you explain things! People have been giving you props on other long range forecasting sites. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the nice words. Hopefully we can get some action this winter so there is stuff to talk about!

  5. Stumbled upon you googling "sunset, Cedar Grove, WI". Love your pictorial representations of length of day and on your weather site. You should develop an iphone app. The ones I've tried are awkward to use and/or bloated with advertisements. Your probably like your day job, but clearly you LOVE weather. I have a blog at which is about weather inside people's heads.