Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl Sunday Storm Update: My Forecast

I have been doing a lot of talking over last few days about two storms that will impact the area. To Review:
  • Storm 1 brushes by area tonight, hits eastern New England with Snow
    • Several inches will fall up there
  • Storm 2 hits area Tuesday but will be more focused on a narrow area (more below)
    • Area that is in the narrow band can see 6+ inches due to something called an inverted trough developing

Here are my impact maps for Monday and Tuesday:

For Tuesday, this whole forecast depends on an inverted trough developing over the area. Without going into too much detail an inverted trough results in a narrow band of heavy precipitation possibly developing. I tried to indicate where I think that will occur as seen by the 3-6" zone Tuesday. Fair warning, this is very volatile and could shift north or south! Regardless, who ever gets into that heavier snow will see several inches fall.

My quick 2 min video below breaks down this forecast. I suggest you watch for easy to understand details. More on twitter today and blog update tomorrow morning..

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