Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Morning Weather Update: Might Squeeze Out Few Flakes, But Main Event Rain

Good morning everyone. Well, I can confidently tell you all we have a big rainstorm on tap for this week. This includes even interior New England which I thought had a shot here. I never liked the idea of snow in big cites or even the I-95 but I did not expect the storm to track this far inland. Maybe I should have listed to my own words this week when I kept discussing how those trends in the ridge positioning where a bad sign. Oh well, here is the updated forecast:

  • Some rain moves in tonight
    • High elevations of extreme NW NJ might see a few flakes
  • An initial wave of low pressure enters area on Tuesday night
    • Some cold air will be in place so there is a shot of northern counties into southern New England actually seeing some accumulating snow!
    • Stay tuned for more details on this
  • After this initial wave moves through, the main storm develops and cuts to our west Wednesday
    • This means warm air surges in and we get rain all the way up into interior New England
    • Rain should end Thursday
  • Colder conditions return in the wake of this storm.
  • Believe it or not, the first half of March stays active with colder than normal conditions and shots at snow
    • I know everyone wants to call winter over, but we can not let our guard down
    • Factors like stratospheric warming will keep things interesting as cold stayed pooled near the east
I cut a short video below breaking down this week including the shot at some snow Tuesday..

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