Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Morning Weather Discussion: Trying to Lock Down this Storm

Good morning everyone. A storm forming next week is now imminent. However, as I have been discussing over the last several days the track remains to be seen. Today I will go into my preliminary thoughts on what I think can happen. This will be my first attempt at forecasting this. Fair warning, this is likely to change as this storm is extremely volitile. I broke down the reasons why in my video last night.

Here is a summay of my thoughts:

  • Major storm effects the eastern 1/3 next week
  • Big questions remain over where this storm will track
    • Some models have it tracking well inland giving the whole region a rain storm
    • Other models have a colder and snowier solution for NW of I-95 into New England
    • Why? Simply because we do not have the factors in place ahead of this system to hold in cold air and dictate a track far enough off the coast
  • For areas north and west of interstate 95 I would say you have equal chances right now at rain vs snow
    • This is not the ideal set up but there are scenarios where folks in these areas can see snow next week
  • Interior New England, I really like the chances for snow

Here is a map summarizing my preliminary thoughts..

The video below gives my updated take on how this will evolve. I tried to keep it no longer than 3 min.

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