Saturday, February 6, 2016

Preliminary Threat Map Out This Afternoon Around 4

Good morning. I am finally starting to get a general grasp on what I think will happen Monday and Tuesday. At this time it does it fact look like Storm 1 stays out to sea and Storm 2 will impact the region. This means scenario 2 mentioned in yesterday's post is gaining momentum. I will have a preliminary outlook out this afternoon around 4. My thoughts from last night are in my last post. Stay tuned!


  1. Good morning Willy,

    Yet again your projections are showing to be sound not to mention they are approx 7-10 days ahead of the meteorologists on cable and major weather websites. I just caught up with your older posts from the end of January and you were already talking about this weather pattern in accurate detail.

    Question: Can this system bring the second of two big storms you predicted for this season?

    Looking forward to the impact map-


    1. Thanks! At this time I do not think it will be #2 significant storm but it will be a close call. Eastern New England might get clocked w Mondays storm and Tuesday can def throw a few surprises for the NYC metro area.