Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Night Update: Final Forecast For Tomorrow's Winter Storm

Good evening, below is my final forecast for tomorrow. Here is a summary of impacts:

  • A moderate winter storm effects southern zones tomorrow morning into the evening
    • Hardest hit areas can see 3-6 inches
  • To the north impacts will be less over NNJ into southern New England
  • Snow should start to break late tonight/ early tomorrow morning in MD and Del and slowly work its way into the Philadelphia/Central NJ area by afternoon.
  • Snow will become most intense late morning into the afternoon for the hardest hit areas as an inverted trough of low pressure develops off the coast
  • Northern areas of NJ will see snow develop in the afternoon as this low pressure center drifts northeast off the coast
  • There is a chance this low pressure could track closer to the coast than expected causing more impacts to northern zones than projected
  • Snow ends for southern areas in the evening and northern areas just after midnight 

This storm will be a tricky little system due to the fact it involves something called an inverted trough of low pressure. Inverted troughs are notorious for throwing surprises thus making them very hard to predict. My map below is my best estimate of what impacts will be:

A breakdown of this storm can be found in the 2 min video below, enjoy!

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  1. Tell me Elmira/ Binghamton, NY gets some snow this winter. Big snow would be nice.