Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Morning Storm Update: Snow Spreads In Later Today

Good morning everyone. Those of you who are lucky enough to have today off hope you have a relaxing day. Lets dive into our storm.

Here is my forecast from yesterday. I have edited it with my final thoughts. 

  • Snow works its way into the area later this afternoon
  • All areas should see snow to start
  • This means today sees winter storm conditions in all areas
  • Snow will change to ice in green zone late tonight
    • Icing will be an issue initially
    • I tried to add a black line to show where I think the ice can be the biggest issue for those folks in the Green Zone late tonight
  • By the time we get to daybreak Tuesday it is raining in the Green zone
  • In the pink zone, Ice holds on longer until an eventual change to rain by late morning
  • The Blue zone gets the most snow and Ice and it should stay in colder sector of the storm

I need to mention that no one is out of the woods until tomorrow morning. We currently have bitter cold air in the region..

Models always tend to underestimate how much of a fight cold air masses like this can put up at the surface. This means ice will be a big issue in areas in the northwest zones of this image. More info in video below..

Stay tuned for updates later this afternoon when flakes start flying!

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