Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Morning Snow Update: Winter Returns

What a nice scene it is out there this morning. Snow is falling in all regions and many areas already have a few inches. In my backyard I counted around 2" on elevated surfaces. 

The snow will continue through mid morning and end west to east. 

Image below is radar at 10am..

By Noon this should be mostly over in NJ..

However up in eastern New England they are just getting started. Heavy snow will continue into the afternoon. This storm is going to crank out impressive totals up there. We might see more than the 4 to 8 I had foretasted.  This is a classic snow day for them.

Looks like the roads are holding up decent so far. 

It might not be a blizzard, but this snow reminds us that winter is still here. If anything, I think it foreshadows more to come this month. 

Tonight I will give my updates on our storm threat for early next week. At this time I still need to wait and study more data. I do still think we see impacts potentially major for next week. I cant jump on this yet though due to the complexity of the set up. 

I discussed some of this in my video last night. 

Detailed Update around 630pm

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  1. Binghamton/Elmira missed snow again. Would not be surprised to see the same thing next week.