Saturday, March 18, 2017

Major Shifts Last Night: Limited Impacts

*Note- I accidentally deleted last night's post. Any comments I can not see or respond to from that time.*

Good morning. Well, that was interesting. Every major model has backed off on anything impactful for today. Just some light snow for spots. We knew how tricky this system was to begin with, but I will say I am suprised with the degree things shifted. Talk about curve balls.

At this time looks like up to an inch maybe locally twi can fall in higher elevations of pa into NNJ. From there, the only consistency I can find is extreme eastern Mass/the Cape seeing accumulating snow. This will have to be watched in real time. 

Systems like this will always be hard to predict. Their features are small scale in nature which means a pin prick of a change in whats modeld has drastic changes in fhe forecast. Who knows maybe there will be a few suprises later today.

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