Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday Night Storm Update: Time To Hunker Down the Hatches

*A major winter storm is imminent*

Below is my final snowfall forecast along with a play by play video breaking down what to expect tomorrow. This may be a quick hitter but it will pack a very big punch. I think a lot of you might be surprised how quickly snow can pile up if you get caught in the worst of it. More updates to come on twitter and on the blog over next 24 hours..

Updated Summary:
  • Snow breaks out after midnight for most areas
    • snow starts as rain and a mix to the south
  • Snow picks up rapidly in intensity around 3am 
  • The heavy snowfall should last till around 10-11am and later up in southern New England
  • Snowfall rates could hit 1-3 inches an hour in hardest hit areas

Play by play video:

Stay tuned for live updates!


  1. Yeah I don't know...I'm guessing 2" max

  2. Excellent breakdown Weather Will. Thank you for explaining with illustration what is about to unfold tomorrow. As a fellow snow lover I will be out first thing in the morning (after a cup of Joe) walking around my house and taking it all in. No work for me : ) The goal now is to figure out a way to fall asleep.

    Thanks again,