Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday Morning: Preliminary Snowfall Forecast for Thursday Morning

Stay tuned for tonight's important update. Data coming in so far today is impressive.


Good morning everyone. Below is my initial estimate of snowfall for Thursday morning...

Here are the major takeaways:

  • Details still not ironed out on track but the chances of an accumulating snow are increasing
    • could be shifting this more north or south over next day
  • Snow starts very early Thursday morning and ends early Thursday afternoon
    • This is a quick hitter that can pack a punch
  • Areas NW of I-95 see biggest impacts due to colder surface temps
    • Roads should be manageable due to this
    • *Remember it will be 60 degrees in many areas day before the event*
  • Higher elevations see biggest impacts due to roads holding snow better
    • This includes NW NJ, PA, and into Southern New England
  • Overall this should be a moderate not major event

Snow starts early Thursday morning...

Latest models peak the storm around 8-10am Thursday...

I will emphasize again that this is a NW of I-95 special. Snow will fall to the SE of this corridor, but the road impacts will not be as bad and the accumulations will be mostly on the grass.

Stay tuned for a video around 8 pm tonight!

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