Saturday, January 23, 2016

EPIC is the Only Word Here: The 10am Update

Words can not describe the storm that is underway. Two short videos below. First video is my live footage in the brunt of the storm and the second is the updated weather projections. You don't want to miss this guys! Wait till you see updated snow projections!

Next update around 2 pm

Live footage...

Very quick storm update do not want to miss this. Old school Weather Channel local forecast style. I show updated totals..


  1. Thanks for the updates and videos Weather Will. I was told by my friend that you were the most accurate forecaster around and I am sure glad I learned about you because you seem to be living up to your reputation thus far. I know this was a tricky one to predict but most of the popular local news outlets were thinking NNJ was going to get approx 6 or so inches. They were forecasting this as early as yesterday morning; however, you were going against the grain and standing firm on higher amounts. You seem to have a strong sense and understanding of this complex system and continue to do a well illustrated and in depth play-by-play on it. Thank you and please keep it coming for my friends and I!

    1. Also, what do you think will be final depth in Wayne, NJ?

      Thanks -

    2. Thanks! Wayne NJ I think close to 2 feet for sure. It will be hard to measure due to winds and snow will compact but the true measurment should be in that range. In morris county my official measurement is 16 right now.

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