Saturday, January 23, 2016

2pm Update: The Height of This Storm is NOW

Here we go guys this is the height of the storm lasting until late tonight for most areas. Snow will be falling 2 plus inches an hour in many spots! If you think you have a lot of snow now just wait!

Video below is my latest live footage..enjoy! Next update around 6pm.

Check out the snow bands on this latest radar imagery..unbelievable! 3" an hour snows in spots!


  1. You say NYC snow until midnight, how much longer do you think it'll snow in Islip, Long Island?

    1. Around similar time because once the storm moves out it moves out fast.

  2. I've measured 15" of snow, so far, in Edison NJ. The time is 4.30 pm...Sat. 23.Jan.2016
    Thanks, Weather Willy, for the exceptional updates, videos, and cool Weather Channel intro.

    Donna, Edison NJ

  3. Just got done with the first round of shoveling, and I want to express my admiration of you for your devotion to the weather. I was introduced to this website through a friend of yours (KUDOS go to John K. of Morristown). Appreciate the timely updates, and you're absolutely right, this is why we stay in the NE instead of moving south, and a storm like this is the reason why! Thanks again! BTW, so far we've received about 16-18" where I am in Franklin TWP (Somerset) NJ, and it's just started to pick up again.