Friday, February 8, 2013

Updates Throughout Day

Good Morning...Today is all going to come down to observations. Some models have gone a little more east with the storm last night which keeps us more around the 12in mark for today. In these cases you just have to look at the radar and satellite to see how the storm is actually moving compared to how it is supposed to.

Snow will begin to pick up in the area and possibly change over to some rain near city before changing back to snow later this afternoon, so do not be thrown off if it starts to rain that is part of the equation for our eastern zones. The height of this storm will be late this afternoon and tonight, and it should be over by daybreak Saturday or linger a little into the morning.. Snow has started to fall in many areas and will begin to stick as morning goes on so be careful.

Here is my original map which looks like a good projection of how this will unfold.

Keep in mind there will be many surprises to upside and downside with this system, it all depends on how things look to develop over next few hours.

More coming around noon check in...

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