Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday: Biggest Snows of Season Looking Likely Friday

Good Morning...I mentioned yesterday that Friday was starting to look promising for the threat of some decent snow and my idea has become more solidified since then. The European model has now locked in for 5 runs in a row the idea of a real snowstorm for the northeast. By real snowstorm I mean a storm that is more dynamic in nature and that develops off the coast. The american and Canadian models have now started to agree with the European model on this event along with the British model.  We are looking at an event that would start on Friday morning and last until the evening. Here is what the Euro model looks like for Friday...

This gives everyone from Phili upward a shot at accumulating snow over 4 inches and higher amounts of 6in plus to the north and west.  Right now looks like the Boston area could be ground zero with 12in plus of snow. So that's what the model says whats my take?

I think that this storm will develop as the European shows. I think snowfall amounts will range from a few inches near the coast to possibly over 6 inches the further north and west you go. I will probably post a snowfall map late tonight and zone in more on exactly where I think those amounts will occur, so keep checking in for updates on this up until Friday.

Regardless if this storm pans out as I expect, Feb is looking more and more promising for winter weather in terms of the overall weather pattern. In fact another storm system looks like it wants to materialize around valentines day.

Check in late tonight for an update for Friday...

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