Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday AM: Weekend is Not off The Table For Snow!

I'm am going to post in great detail this evening, but the weekend storm is still in play! The models are now starting to converge on a low developing on an Arctic front on Saturday and having it track up the east coast. If you read the models literally, it gives us a moderate snow event with high ratio snows, but we still have a few days to go and the models can still result in a more progressive solution. Now I cannot say it will snow 100% at this time, but I can say that now you know why I will not give up on an event I believe can happen until I have no more evidence to support my prediction. Last nights model runs tipped the scale back in my favor and we got something to track now. A trend to a stronger solution would not surprise me at this point.

Check in tonight for the detailed breakdown on if this will happen and also what next week will look like in terms of a few storm threats on the maps.

Until then..

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