Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Morning: Joe Flacco Pulls it Off, Now Can It Snow on Friday?

Good Morning. It was a good game last night, gotta tip your hat to Joe Flacco and the Ravens for what this did these last few weeks..great football to watch. 

This week will be a cold week in general with some light snow showers Tuesday and Wednesday. However, I have my sights on Friday for a true potential east coast snowstorm for our area. Right now the European model, which is the most accurate has had the storm for three runs in a row. American model has not had the storm at all and sheers all the energy out to sea (known to do that). The 3rd model in terms of accuracy is the British model and that model is starting to see the storm like the European.

I am going to keep a close eye on this, and see if the American and Canadian models start to agree with the european and british. Taking my bias out of it, you cannot ignore the european model verifying an event 3 times in a row so I am leaning more towards a weather event for Friday.

I will post more on this late tonight...will winter finally bear down on us?

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