Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday: Weekly Weather Update

Good morning and welcome to August. Things will feel like early August this week as temperatures climb into the upper 80's to low 90's through Friday. 

Today will feature mostly sunny skies with high pressure in control. You will notice the temperatures rising today as winds move in from the southwest.

For Wednesday, a few afternoon showers and storm may develop as some upper level energy combined with the warm air causes some minor instability...

The same can be said for Thursday.

Things do not get too active till Friday when a big front will sweep through the region..

This will bring with it a very good chance of showers and thunderstorms. We will have to see when the exact timing of this frontal passage is, but as of now the afternoon looks likely.

This will usher in a cooler than normal air mass working its way in from the west....

The center of this cool weather stays near the countries midsection, but it will still be a nice break from the heat as temps fall back down into the low 80's for the weekend with clear conditions.

Overall, I see no signs of this summer pattern we have been under breaking. Any major heat we have is short lived and frequently will lead to frontal passages and cooling temperatures. If this was the winter, we would be in a great pattern for stormy conditions. I ask myself if we are wasting such a good pattern in the warm summer months. Only time will tell, and I will start to look at all of this over the next few months as I prepare my Winter Outlook 2018.

Thanks for reading. 

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