Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Weekly Weather Update: Showers and Storms Today into Tomorrow, Nice End to the Week

Good morning. We have another typical summer day ahead of us with a warm humid air mass that will aid in triggering heavy showers and storms later today. As always this is being triggered by a frontal system that is going to move through the area tonight. The biggest threat I see from these storms are the potential for downpours and high winds especially in the southern zones where instability will be the greatest. Here is the projected radar for later today..

You can see a low pressure center well to the west that is triggering these storms (low pressure systems cause fronts). Initially, as the warm front from this low pressure system passes this afternoon is when we see best shot for the stronger storms as seen above. Once we get into the overnight hours, the rain threat stays in tact, however the atmosphere will not be as unstable. This means any storms will not be as strong as their earlier counterparts. You can see tomorrow morning simulated below..

Tomorrow will mark the passage of the cold front with this system. Things should start to clear as the day progresses. In the wake of the cold front, we will have a cooler drier air mass to end the week. This means sunny skies with temperatures in the low 80's and maybe high 70's in some spots. The air mass is of Canadian origin so temps will be colder than normal. You can see this below..

The weekend overall should be ok. This air mass stays in place and we could see the treat of a few showers but at this point I am not too concerned. Expect mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the low to mid 80's. 

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