Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Morning Weekly Weather Summary: Showers Linger Today, Heat Returns Mid-Week

Good morning all you off season loyal followers. Its no secret this blog really gets going during the colder months but I have noticed an uptrend in page visits every "off-season" since I started this three years ago. 

We have another typical (in some cases boring) summer week ahead of us. Last night a frontal boundary moved over the area and will continue to move through the area today. This will result in some widely scattered showers and storms throughout the day for some but not all areas. 

Moving into Tuesday and Wednesday high pressure begins to build back in and the temperatures will increase back into the high 80's and lowers 90's. Dew points will also be rising which means it will be humid as well. You can see the ridge of high pressure building in below for mid-week..

Which naturally brings in a southerly flow (warm moist air) and above average temps..

Lets take a look at Thursday and i will point out a few things..

Above is a dew point temperature map or in other words the temperature at which water condenses. The higher the dew point the more moisture that is in the air. This is what makes it feel hot and sticky. Notice however a sharp decline in those dew point temps out to the west where I drew that line. That represents a cold front. One way to recognize a front is to look for this change in dew points since cold front bring in colder and DRIER air hence lower dew points. As usual, they also cause unsettled weather as the colder air wedges itself under the warm air causing lift which causes showers and storms..

You can see that effect above for Thursday afternoon as showers and storms develop ahead of that approaching front Thursday afternoon. This will help usher in cooler air and result in a nice end to the work week with temperatures in the mid 80's with low humidity on Friday.

We will take a look at the weekend once we get a little closer. At this point things look very decent with the slight chance at a shower or two.

Thanks for checking in!

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