Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Night Update

Snow continues to fall in our northern counties. I have seen totals reported as high as 5" so far in parts of Morris county NJ. In Morristown 3" has fallen so far. I also personally measured 3" in Chatham NJ which is just off of I-78. It has just changed over to sleet there.

Expect a few more inches to potentially fall before it is all said and done later tonight. For areas of RI CT and Mass snow will last longer and we will have to see if there is any enhancement from the ocean.  Tomorrow morning I will do a review of my snow map and see how I did. I will take a few final measurements later tonight before I hit the sack. 

Also, we have a very active week of weather ahead. On Tuesday we have more snow that could accumulate a few inches before changing over to rain. Following that, Thursday is something we really have to watch as a wave of low pressure tries to develop along a front. If we get proper interaction between the southern and northern jet streams this could be a more significant system. I will break down the components tomorrow morning along with my first estimate of what will occur. 

Be sure to check in.

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