Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Preliminary Forecast for Friday's Storm System

A light to moderate winter storm will impact the region from Friday morning to Friday evening. Due to late season conditions the snow will not accumulate as quickly as we have been used to this year but still should pile up on grassy surfaces and some road areas (northern zones) before all is said and done. North Jersey into Southern New England I expect the more accumulations with possibly up to 5". In general I expect a lot of 3" amounts in dark blue zone. Further south in NJ I expect less accumulations due to warmer atmospheric conditions. This will cut down accumulations. I expect many 2" amounts in the light blue zone. 

This is not a final forecast. I always like to try to keep you guys ahead of a weather event by releasing initial ideas. If necessary I will update tomorrow. Stay tuned for more commentary tonight around 7:30. 

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  1. Afternoon model runs (12Z for CMC, NAM and GFS) all honing in on 4 to 6 inches over Morris & Essex. I'm not terribly surprised, as the Arctic Osc dip looks pretty significant, probably gonna be enough cold air hanging around for this. We shall see where the runs go tomorrow, and then what actually hits the ground late Friday (and then mostly melts on Saturday). Jim G