Wednesday, March 4, 2015

8PM Video Update

What a roller coaster it has been to predict this storm. The models have been all over the place today and its made this extremely difficult for me. With that being said, I like most of what I have from this morning. I did make some changes to the map however and drag the northern extent of the snow north a little. The video below gives you all the info you need on timing and impacts. Live updates to come!

By the way I got a special intro to the video (bringing back the feel of the old Weather Channel Local Forecast days)


  1. Excellent, detailed forecast. It looks like there are lots of variables but that we'll probably get something. The question is whether the kids will have school. For that we need a "Whether Willy" post.

    1. Thank you! They will prob close schools for most areas in NJ tomorrow if you are north its a toss up depending on what forecast they are looking at lol

    2. Good morning what are we looking at in the Totowa area all said and done