Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Very Quick Morning Post..More later Tonight

Few points this morning..

  • I talked about last night how I think the GFS is too far east for Thrusday
    • I still have this view and think we have at least a light snow threat for NJ thursday and potentially heavier up in northeastern New England
  • This pattern is loaded!
  • We have a potential very interesting set up early next week that needs to  be watched for big storm development
    • I will talk about this tonight as well.
Here are the final snow totals..

You Can go here to see them for yourself.

This was my map..

Overall I did pretty good with this one. I did make a small last second tweak to the map though so I give myself a B-. You guys be the judge.

More detail tonight around 8pm or so on upcoming storm threats. Be sure to check in!


  1. Please give us some good news for South Jersey! We are broken hearted snow lovers down here....

    1. Possibly early next week, I am still monitoring how things evolve.

  2. you get an A for my part of jersey (ewing) for the last storm, spot on /thumb's up

  3. I've heard mublings about a potentially large storm next monday, any thoughts on that?

    1. Yes that could happen but I can not jump on that yet I need to see how things evolve..as stands just a clipper system for monday. If things work out perfectly there can be a big storm.