Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Morning Storm Update: Adding Some Resolution to the Map

Going to get right to the point this morning:
  • A winter storm will effect our region from late tonight through tomorrow morning
  • This storm will feature all snow changing to sleet, freezing rina and to plain rain for some regions
  • Area in the yellow box expect big ice problems from the sleet and freezing rain
  • The major snows are mainly north of yellow box
I made a tweak to my map and added a dark pink layer for more resolution. Let me take you through each zone and what to expect. 

Green Zone:

Snow quickly changes to plain rain tonight.

Light Pink Zone:

Snow accumulates late tonight into very early am quickly changes over to freezing rain then plain rain by 4am. Expect some minor icing problems in the morning.  1-2" of front end snow.

Dark Pink Zone:

Snow breaks out late tonight into tomorrow am. Expect accumulations of a few inches before the snow changes to sleet then freezing rain by 4-7am. Accumulations of snow and sleet range from 3-6 inches

Red Zone:

Ice is a big concern of mine here. Snow breaks out late tonight and accumulates till about 4am. The snow then changes to sleet then eventually to freezing rain by around daybreak. Snow could return at the end of this storm for this region as we approach noon. Expect snow and sleet accumulations of 5-8 inches.

Dark Blue Zone:

Heavy snow especially to the north of this zone. In the southern part of this zone which is in the yellow box expect sleet to mix in and cut down totals closer to 8 inches. To the north of yellow box this is a  mainly snow event. 

Other Zones:

All snow with accumulations ranging from 6-12 inches.

Any area in the yellow box or above the morning commute will not be pretty. The mixed bag of winter weather should make for very difficult travel conditions especially in the red region. Be careful! 

Although model guidance has wiggled a little I think this map takes into account a slightly colder or warmer scenario given the ranges I have. One thing we can be confident in is surface temps should hold below freezing in many areas despite if liquid is falling from the sky. 

Enjoy Superbowl Sunday the main precipitation arrives later tonight after then game. Expect maybe some light snow during the game. 

Will have an update sometime later today or late tonight after the game. Thanks for checking in. 

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