Sunday, February 15, 2015

Snowfall Map for Monday Night-Tuesday Morning

Storm is going to come in earlier than originally thought.Expect snow to breakout later on Monday night and last though Tuesday morning. Moderate is the word here in terms of snowfall amounts. This is not a major storm but one that will qualify for the lower end of a winter storm warning for central and south NJ. Since it will be so cold out, expect snow ratios up to 20:1 which is factored into my accumulation projections below. Also, I left room for a trend north and brought the 3-6 inch band into north NJ and parts of southern New England. That has been the trend all winter and given the horrible performance of these models I think its necessary to anticipate model error when making a forecast. 

I will have more details first thing tomorrow morning.

PS. It is going to be so cold tonight! Wait to you see how it fells tomorrow am with the wind chills! There is no sign of this colder than normal weather pattern breaking anytime soon. I will touch on this tomorrow as well. 

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