Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snowfall Forecast for Tomorrow

Good morning everyone. I have broken down and analyzed the data and below is my final snowfall prediction for tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. Expect snow to breakout earlier tomorrow afternoon in most areas and continue into early morning Monday. This storm is the result of a warm moist air from the southwest running into cold air in place over our area. In addition, this storm will be enhanced by another upper level disturbance that is approaching from Canada. Due to this dynamic, I am expecting heavy snow to breakout at times in the purple region which is why the totals are higher there. Also, I favor a colder solution for those areas which is why I brought the 4-8 into North NJ. Just south of the 4-8 expect snow changing to sleet as we get to Sunday night which will hold down accumulations. South of the blue band I expect snow to change to rain. 

When all is said and done, this should be a nice moderate snowstorm for southern New England and parts of NJ. I will definitely have a video breakdown of the storm tonight around 6 pm. Be sure to tune in. 

By City/Town:

NYC 2-4" Right on boarder of heavy snow so can go either way
Boston 4-8"
Philadelphia: 1-3"
Balt/Washington: Trace
Morristown NJ: 4-8"
Whitehouse Station NJ Area: 4"
Edison NJ: 2-4"

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