Saturday, February 14, 2015

Snow Expectations for Tonight

Good morning. I am very pressed for time unfortunately as I have to go into work to meet a few clients. However, I want to give everyone an Idea of what to expect. My hope is I can make a map by later this afternoon (before I take the girl out for V day).

  • Significant snowstorm for eastern Mass and Maine
    • accumulations of 14-20"
  • Just to the west in Mass,Ct and RI
    • 8-12"
  • For NYC metro
    • I am calling for 3-5" extending west into NJ
    • This is a little higher than the 2-4 I originally thought
    • I still do not this this is a significant storm for NYC metro that has not changed
  • For Central NJ 1-3"

Such a interesting storm with complex features I wish I had more time this morning. It will be so cold that it wont take much to accumulate the snow. Wednesday still looks good to me as well and I want to update everyone one on that too. Crazy pattern and by the end of this month everyone should get there snow. 

Hopefully more later around 3:30

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