Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Morning Storm Update: Thoughts Consistent with Last Night

Good morning guys. I do not have much to add this morning. I laid out my initial ideas in my video last night. I plan to have a big update tonight and might attempt to speculate on accumulation amounts. At this time, I do not know how moderate or heavy they will be. I need another run or two of models to study the trends.Last nights model were generally consistent and it will be interesting to see how everything evolves today. Here was my impact map from last night which represents my initial thoughts on this.

I am very confident that this low pressure system becomes very strong, but I am not confident in the precipitation amounts or wind at this time so I am not ready to give accumulation projections. To give you an idea, potential heavy snow would be defined as 6+ inches possible in the most general sense. It does not mean a foot or more at this time so make sure you guys understand this map, it is a very general idea and can change. I hope I am off to a good start with this but time will tell.

In terms of this clipper system today I am not making a map because believe it or not I do have a day job so time in limited. However, here is the GFS projection for snow amounts. Generally expect 2-4 inches in southern zones with up to 5 possible in local areas. 

P.S. Yes there still is another shot at a storm early next week, but lets focus on the Saturday situation first.

More tonight around 730, thanks for checking in. 

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  1. Any chance upstate NY can get a good snowfall from this? It seems to me we are on the outer edge, bummer