Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Morning Comment

I broke down what is in the cards for next week in last nights video. All I can say right now is the models are a huge mess for the second system late in the week. The european and its ensembles are in the camp of having a storm while the gfs and canadian models try to hold energy back over the southwest and prevent a phase. There is a lot for the models to sort out over the next few days We need to wait until this weekend to get more clarity, any forecast that is made right now would be a total guess and foolish. 

The first system in the beginning of the week looks to be on track. I also discussed this in last nights video. As always, I will try to hone in on what and if anything will happen on the second storm threat once we are within the 5 day period. Even if the European is correct and we get a storm it does not mean its snow for coastal areas or even up to 50 miles inland. The track is essential and a more inland track would be just as likely as a coastal track at this point. I am pointing this out now not because I am loosing interest in the 2nd storm threat, but simply because I want everyone to realize it is way to early to make a call. Even the most aggressive forecaster has to wait for more data.

More later. 

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