Sunday, January 25, 2015


This is it guys, a storm of historical proportions is now starting to develop and will clobber the northeast over the next few days with feet of snow. The video below has my new snow map and a play by play of the storm.

A few points:
  • Snow breaks out tomorrow morning but is generally light 
  • The heavy snow starts Monday night and lasts into Tuesday afternoon
    • This is the brunt of the storm and will feature high winds and snowfall rates up to 4 inches an hour
    • Travel will be impossible for some spots
  • Storm ends Tuesday evening for most areas and lingers in New England into Wednesday
    • When it is all said and done this should be one for the record books
    • Is there bust potential?
      • very low probability, I touch on this in the video
    Rest assured you will get frequent updates as this storm is underway including unmatched raw footage from my backyard. Feel free to follow me on this blog or via twitter as the storm is underway for up to the min updates.

    Enjoy the video:


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    2. Will, what makes you confident the low will be farther west

      1. I am favoring the euro model. It now comes down to the observations, so lets see how this plays out.