Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Morning: Final Storm Map Out, A Look at Early Next Week

Just going to post the map today, I beat this dead horse enough with this storm. Here is what to expect:

  • Snow breaks out in  many southern zones Friday night.
  • Snow changes to sleet and freezing rain in green zone early Saturday morning.
    • There might be some minor accumulation
  • In the red zone snow lasts longer into day break but then changes to sleet and some rain.
    • In the light blue zone there should be some mixing especially near NJ and CT but not as much as the red zone so accumulations are higher
    • The money spot is the dark blue zone where it should stay mostly snow and have enough moisture to bring accumulations to over 6 inches. 
    • This storm is mostly cleared out by Saturday night expect for the zones furthest to the northeast. 
    We now focus on a clipper system that has the chance to redevelop on Monday into Tuesday..

    Could this be a moderate to heavy snow event? Maybe, but way to early to say- a non event is just as likely as again it all depends on a few features.

    The more that energy circled in red digs down into the southeast is key. The ridge out west needs to air in this. The steeper the ridge the more the disturbance digs. Not a whole lot of blocking ahead of the clipper but we have a lot of cold air.

    Welcome to the world of high pressure..

    Nice 1024 high over Canada funneling all that cold air in. Not all models show this and it can very well stay progressive and go out to sea but we need to watch it over the weekend.

    I will be skiing in Jay Peak, VT this weekend so may be limited in posting and there will be no live coverage of the storm this time. However, rest assured if this clipper trends nicely you will hear from me.

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