Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Morning Weather Discussion

Good morning. There is a lot going on next week in terms of weather. For us folks on the east coast it very well can result in all rain or some snow depending on how things evolve. Right now looking at the models verbatim, some snow showers come through our area late this weekend followed by light rain on Monday night then heavier rain just in time for xmas eve. Yes I know quite the depressing forecast. The heavier rain will be due to a very impressive storm system that is projected to cut to our west..

This would funnel a lot of cold air in for Xmas day but it drys out at that time. Could this be the big storm that changes this pattern to winter? Maybe, really to early to tell at this point. The models in general have a boat load of energy to process from a split flow pattern. Just take a look at all the areas of energy on the field next week below.

Rest assured, this means a lot can change going into next week with how all of these disturbances get sorted out. Quite the computing job ahead for the models. We will have to see how this all gets sorted out over the next few days. I am not ruling out a surprise with possibly some snow effecting the area next week. Yes I know things looked a lot better a few days back. Snow lovers be patient, sometimes its when you give up and let your guard down that a storm will sneak up on you. The weather pattern eventually could produce snow. I just have no idea at this point if it will be before the New Year. All we can do is watch the evolution. 

More tonight when I am back from work. 

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