Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Morning: When the upper air pattern is there, you need to beware!

Good morning, as a follow up to yesterdays post, we have a favorable upper air setup for late next weekend and even all of Christmas week. This increases the chances for cold,snow and potentially a white Christmas. There will be up to two storm threats Christmas week, but lets focus real quick again on the threat I discussed yesterday for late next weekend.

I explained the ingredients necessary for a east coast winter storm in the last post when we take a look up to 18,000ft in the atmosphere. For today, lets look at surface projections for next weekend from three different models.




All three major models are hinting at a storm developing late next weekend. The exact details still need to unfold, but I am discussing this threat because the upper air pattern supports it. Thus, the potential is real this time for a colder storm. All due to how the ingredients below end up coming together..

More to come.

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