Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Morning: Every Major Model Now on Board

That's right, even the GFS! This is going to be a major storm for the interior with  snow amounts of 1-2 feet or more of snow. I am still struggling to determine how much if any winter type precip makes it down to I-95. I will make my first prediction on that early this eve when I release my preliminary forecast for this storm. The forecast will include potential snow amounts. 

The GFS now shows the loop de loop of the storm track, very similar to the European. The images below are in 12 hour increments. Notice how the storm just sit there. Pretty nuts right?

I am extremely confident the interior has an all out snowstorm with this. I am also very confident at this time that south and east of I-95 is rain. That battle zone I put out on my map yesterday is the area that I need to evaluate more today after the updated model runs. 

Stay tuned, more later today!

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