Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Now It's Time to Throw in the Towel

I officially announce that the storm threat for late this weekend is over.

I explained in my video last night what ruined this opportunity for snow. We came very close but one factor threw this whole storm off. Some light snow is still possible but its nothing to write home about. 

We now turn our attention to the potential big storm threat around xmas eve. The problem is this could just as well be rain as snow depending on the track. 

As of now, the amplification the jet stream for this period is extremely impressive, but I do not see evidence of a 50/50 low. This makes me worry that we will not have high pressure in the correct spot to steer the storm track along the coast and keep cold air in place for the northeast. In any case we have a potential triple phase of all three jet streams (arctic,polar,subtropical)

Looks confusing but looking above to the right panel, each color represents each jet stream. The red is subtropical the green polar and blue arctic. The white line is the operational model projection for each jet stream. notice how the blue is dipping down over the eastern US. That is always impressive to see. So now we watch this storm threat and see how things change over the next few days. Maybe its a good thing that as of now it has our area in rain considering a lot can change. 

More later. 

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