Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Night Video Update: Storm Development is Underway

Went into a little more detail in tonight's video so its a little longer than normal. Basically I am focusing on the dynamics behind the back-end snow threat for areas closer to the coast on Wednesday. Overall there was a little bit of a colder trend today with some of the models and we really need to keep an eye on things as they develop. 


  • Forecast from this morning's map has  not changed
  • Ski country gets great snowfall of 12+
  • lower elevation areas up north get 6-12 as sleet and freezing rain mix in during day tomorrow
  • Other areas to the south, its an intense rain storm tomorrow.
  • Rain should change to snow early on Wednesday
    • extremely hard to predict who gets this back end snow
    • I think we see a surprise or two for certain areas in NY state, central and eastern PA and/or north NJ depending no how the upper level low evolves
  • We are in the clear for many areas by Thursday

Big update tomorrow morning as storm is underway!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, awesome video and awesome blog. I really enjoy it. I don't know what the NAM is doing though, that thing is out to lunch with precipitation totals. Only has a few inches by wednesday morning. Gotta see what the 0z gfs has in store.

    1. Thanks for following! 0z gfs is very aggressive w snow amounts, really produces significant back end snows. I'll tweet it out.