Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10PM Update: The back end snow band will be to the north in NY state, storm is weaker for NJ and PA

Sorry guys, I like to say it how it is. I mean come on lol the moon is out right now in many areas lets not be ridiculous. Overall the Ski country at the high elevations will get what I expected of 12+ and 6- maybe 12 at lower elevations when its all said and done. Aside from that, this storm was really not a big deal for NJ and PA in terms of intensity. CT had some impressive wind with the rain today but lets be honest, it was nothing to write home about. For NJ we got the 2+ of rain but most of it came in the morning and by the afternoon it was just a normal rainy day. We did not look outside and say "wow what a storm".

Snow continues tomorrow in upstate NY and VT where several more inches will accumulate due to backlash snows. For NJ and PA snow is possible but no impressive accumulations. I guess I was right with my ideas to the north but I really did think for one the rain would be more intense during the day in NJ and PA and also that we had a shot at a few inches on the back end in those areas. This just shows you how unpredictable the weather is. Maybe that is why I keep coming back to track the next storm. There is always that uncertainty which makes it exciting. If you want snow guys, we need the correct upper air pattern in place which includes cold air ahead of a storm. 9 times out of 10 if you do not have that you will not get snow. It will come this year, we just need to be patient. Until then, drive up to ski country. 

I will update in the am with what the totals have been so far and projected additional totals. 

Thanks for checking in. 

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