Monday, February 24, 2014

The Polar Vortex Actually Defends Our Area From Big Storm!

The title says it all, my forecast for Wednesday will bust because of the strength of the polar vortex. What I mean is it is squashing any southern disturbances out to sea and preventing amplification of the Jet Stream along the east coast that a storm could ride up. This does not mean however that it will not feel like winter. Temperatures will plummet this week due to the vortex.  

The fact we are missing out on Wednesday does NOT mean I am backing off on my original ideas discussed last week. The pattern is very active and once this polar vortex retreats a little (beginning of next week) all of the energy that is currently on the field will try to get its act together and produce a storm somewhere in the eastern 1/3. The video below discusses these thoughts.

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