Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Noon Update

Snow will spread into our northern counties this afternoon. The snow will continue eventually changing to sleet and freezing rain for the area. This change over will occur first in the more eastern north jersey counties then possibly make it over to northwestern jersey. I like the snowfall map I put out two days ago for this storm and most of these accumulations will occur in the first 6 hours of this event before the change over..

The most intense precip will be around 8-10 pm tonight and expect rain to the east during this point and freezing rain and sleet in northwest jersey. The model below shows where this change over will be at 8pm. The dark blue is where it should stay snow, light blue ice, orange and red all rain. If we get lucky snow can hold strong in northwest counties.

I would recommend even if it is raining to be careful because roadways will be slick in spots. The storm will end well before day break tomorrow.

 I will update again once event starts and we get an idea of where the cold air wants to hold. Check in again late this afternoon.

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