Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Evening Update

Most of the snow has changed over in north jersey to ice and Rain. The rain and ice will continue till around midnight. The cold air held as expected today and many areas saw a few inches before the change over to sleet. Far northwest NJ will see the most when its all said and end up with over 6 inches. The original map I put out today i believe will be roughly accurate when the snow totals come in tomorrow. 

Keep in mind it wasn't until a few hours ago that the national weather service updated their forecast from all rain for our area to ice and snow. Hope I was able to keep some people ahead of this storm as the roads got very bad around I-80 today due to the fact the road crews did not have advanced notice it would be so icy.

I am still tracking another storm for the weekend. This storm if it materializes will be more snow for the whole area and less ice. I will update on this early tomorrow morning or late tomorrow night, so check in. 

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