Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Afternoon: Very Cold This Week, Storm This Weekend?

Yesterdays storm turned out to be a nice moderate event as expected. Accumulations were on par with the snowfall map I posted the other day. Most areas in north Jersey saw at least 4 inches, and some places saw up to 6. Down in south central Jersey accumulations were a little less. The highest totals I saw from this storm were up in New England where some places saw up to a foot of snow. 

Things will quiet down this week but the headlines will be the cold air that will be in place. Early this week temps will not get out of the 30's and by the latter part of the week we will see highs in the 20's. At night temperatures will plummet into the high teens and possibly single digits in our far north west counties by the end of the week. Here is a graphic for Morristown NJ that shows model predicted high and low temps for next week (from Disregard top graph.

I am still keeping an eye on a potential storm for next weekend. The models do not show it but only a few variables need to change for some coastal development. I will post more on that this week once I analyze a few more things.  

After the cold period this week things will warm up briefly, then I expect more cold and stormy weather to return mid month. Stay tuned.

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