Thursday, December 13, 2012

Late Night Update: No Clear Model Solution

This will be a real quick post due to the fact I will be updating this early tomorrow morning so I can include the latest run of the European. Overall, despite the disagreement of the models I am still  bullish on this storm. The GFS is faster with the system causing it to develop more off shore resulting in Maine getting dumped on and less precipitation for our area. The afternoon run of the European was a little closer to our area but still off shore. It will not be until this weekend that the models will have a good grasp on what this system is going to do. There will be a storm its just a matter of where the low pressure center wants to develop in relation to our area. Tomorrow morning I will show the updated models as well as a historical storm from 1969 that had a very similar setup. In any event this will be interesting to track and I stand by the forecast I made last night. If I have to change anything it will not be until this weekend. Check in tomorrow morning.

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