Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Morning Weather Summary: Beautiful Week Ahead

Good morning! The humid air of late last week has cleared out and we are entering a stretch of gorgeous weather over the next few days. Mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the 70's to lower 80's will be the theme all week. 

All this is due to an upper level trough or dip in the jet stream over our area seen in blue...

This keeps winds coming from the west northwest hence the cooler drier air we will be experiencing.

There will be a few frontal boundaries moving through the area can cause a few stray showers as the week moves on but I do not expect much until at least the end of this week where a larger low pressure system up in Canada can cause enough forcing to cause some showers to pop up over the region Thursday into Friday...

A warm front then looks like it wants to move through this weekend which will cause temperatures to rise into the mid to upper 80's with unsettled weather. I will keep an eye on this as the week progresses.

Looking at the long range...

Taking a quick look at the long range I do not see any data supporting sustainable heat over the east at this time. We will have our warm shots but the pattern overall looks to keep things more mild and active as we head towards July. This means temperatures mostly in the 80's which I do not think anyone will be complaining about.

More at the end of this week. 


  1. Oh WOW, thanks a bunch for the update and i am going to plan a picnic or go to the beach since the weather is going to be pleasant. Keep us updated!

  2. Oh this is splendid news! I have been waiting for a good time to go to a picnic or something. Will plan something for the week ahead now, thanks a lot!

  3. I will keep an eye on this as the week progresses.