Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday Morning: Major Snowfall for Parts of New England Tomorrow into Friday

Good morning. Latest data has not backed off on a major snowstorm for part of interior New England. This is a ski country delight.

Here is a summary:

  • Low pressure system develops tomorrow morning along frontal boundary
  • Initially this causes snow to fly tomorrow morning in central-north PA, NW NJ (higher elevations) and parts of CT
  • As the storm deepens rapidly off the coast tomorrow afternoon/night NH and ME get the brunt of this system with accumulations likely over a foot
  • Areas near the coast in New England are a mix/rain but can see snow on the back end as this explosively deepens tomorrow night
  • Storm is over by Friday morning
  • The overall weather pattern gets very cold and active as we enter January
    • Stay tuned for more info on this
Here is my snowfall map..

And my short video breaking this impressive storm system down..

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