Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Morning Video Discussion: A Closer Look at Saturday's Snow Chances

Bundle up! Its going to be brutal out there today. Temps will crash and wind chills will make it feel like the single digits! Highs will reach the teens to low 20's with winds whipping 20-25 mph. This arctic air will be no joke and remains in area through tomorrow.

The very short video below breaks down what to expect for Saturday morning's snow event. I discuss how some details might change when I put out my final forecast tomorrow especially where I have the snow cut off line. Be sure to check in for that update.


The preliminary forecast from yesterday stands for now. Again, this is updated tomorrow morning into a final forecast..

Next update later tonight around 8pm.

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  1. Hey Willy, I'm not too surprised about this cold shot, looks like we just had a little temperature spike at 10mb above 65N. Plenty of energy still coming up from the Arctic Ocean, clashing with all that cold air massed in eastern and central Asia. So maybe Judah Cohen is right about stratospheric warming events starting early over the polar vortex. Enjoy the first snowfall on Saturday morning, but the fairly strong zonal flow makes it slush later in the day (maybe). The Arctic may be cooperating with you, but the Pacific dynamics still don't seem in place. You've got your negative NAO right now, but the models put it into a positive phase shortly. Yeah, I agree that model reliability isn't so great at this point in the season, so the northern Atlantic blocking issue is still up in the air (literally and figuratively). That's 2 cent guess, anyway. But still, not a bad start to the season, near single digit temps followed by accumulating snow and it's not even winter yet (technically). I just wouldn't be dreaming of a white Christmas yet. Jim G