Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Night Video Forecast: The Play by Play for Tomorrow

Good evening. Forecast is on track for the most part. Icing is going to be a big concern for many areas at the dawn hours as surface temperatures hold tough as warm air works its way in the upper atmosphere. From NNJ into New England it will be critical to see how the cold air hangs on. If we get more of a coastal development of a low pressure center then the cold hangs in longer.

Updated Summary:

  • Snow breaks out in most areas around Midnight
  • By 4am snow starts to change to ice south and central
  • By 7am its all freezing rain and sleet except for NNJ into New England where snow can hang on
    • Roads will not be in good shape at this time
  • If cold air hangs in long enough accumulations will be enhanced in those areas towards upper part of my range
  • Storm over by afternoon with mild air

Enjoy the video:

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