Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Morning: Winter Storm to Impact Region Sunday Night into Monday Morning

*A moderate winter storm will effect the region Sunday night into Monday morning*

  •  Snow will break out Sunday evening for most regions.
  •  For areas in the Mid-Atlantic south (see map) the snow will change to sleet then freezing rain in the early morning hours.
  •  Areas to further the south will see plain rain. 
  • The storm should taper off by late Monday morning.                                                                         
Travel should be impacted for most areas Monday. Stay tuned for daily updates!

Below is my preliminary prediction. I will be updating this to a final forecast this weekend..

Latest models show an initial burst of snow Sunday night for all areas..

From my experience this front end snow can really "thump". Do not be surprised to see it pile up fairly quickly as Midnight approaches for areas in blue zones. 

Warm air then starts to work its way in aloft in the atmosphere...

This will cause snow to change to sleet in the pink zone and plain rain in the green zone Monday morning. However, notice at the surface the cold air mass is stubborn to leave (blue is below freezing)..

Freezing temperatures at the surface is a concern for ice to accumulate (sleet, freezing rain) from Central NJ north (pink zone on my map). We are going to have to monitor this very closely.

Bottom line: most areas should be impacted Monday morning. 

I will have a video out tonight by 7pm!

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  1. winter storms can be harsh! my prayers go out to all the families who had to see this day. thanks for the kind update, i have gone through your blog and its very nice