Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Morning: Arctic Outbreak on Tap, Snow to Follow?

Good morning. As I have mentioned we have a critical 2 week period approaching in terms of the rubber hitting the road for the winter pattern I expect. I showed how some seasonal modeling did not look promising, however recent trends have gone against what those seasonal models show. These swings in the models represent what I believe to be a seasonal transition taking place. That is hard for models to process.

The video below takes you through what action might loom in the weather pattern over the next 2 weeks including an arctic outbreak next week.


  • Chilly weekend with temperatures in the high 40's
  • Light precipitation Monday morning maybe a few snow furies
  • Storm system approaches Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Mostly rain with the chance at some snow in NW NJ and PA
    • New England Mountains several inches can fall
  • On heals of this storm system intense arctic air plummets into the country
    • Temps crash into the 30's for highs low 20's for lows in Mid-Atlantic
    • Much colder in the interior
  • We then turn our eyes to week 2 where evidence is surfacing that promotes a more favorable set up for snow in the Mid-Atlantic from mid month on

Enjoy the video....

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